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[All Hail, The Staff!]

Welcome, Blessed Burners*! 

The Total Burn compels you.  The future reaches toward your out-stretched arms. Here and now,  when you gather to make sacrifice, people think you immoral or insane. But soon you will be hailed as the prophets of a new age and your actions will be proclaimed as righteous and sane. 

In the meantime, let our thoughts be contact. BurnYourMoney.org fuels the fresh fire of the neophyte and the eternal flame of the elders, alike. Let those who seek to know nothing, let those who give to their Gods unconditionally, let those who make an action of pure forgiving and a virtue of extravagance - LET EACH OF US, HOWEVER WE BURN, BE WITNESS TO THE DIVINE MAGNIFICENCE OF THE STAFF! 


(*and other destroyers of currency)
If you wish to:
  • Get all the goodies straight away.
  • Make an ongoing contribution to immanentizing Total Burn.
  • Secure your ticket to The Cockpit's Oct 23rd Burn Spectacular.
  • Support Jon's academic work on money and money burning.
  • Get your entire subscription refunded against the cost of your own private Ritual Sacrifice conducted the Holder of the Staff! [All Hail, The Staff]
Then please visit Jon's dot com site to take out a subscription.

If you simply wish to buy The Money Burner's Manual or Burning Issue please just use the links below.
Buy PDF £5 (Immediate Delivery) Buy EBOOK £5 (Immediate Delivery) Buy Hardback £23 (Delivery 1-2 days)

The Money Burner's Manual first appeared at the Cube Cinema Burnings in 2015. This was the first mass public ritualized Money Burning in recorded history. 23 coil-bound copies of TMBM were prepared and freely given away.

The 2nd Edition was published exactly one year later. During that time there have been two further mass burns. TMBM contains details of how those burns came into being. It offers advice on finding your 'sweet spot', telling you how much you should burn and how best to approach your sacrifice. It also explores the nature of money, its relation to thought and knowledge, and how these are entangled in the primal psychology of sacrificial ritual and what it is to be a sovereign being. 

TMBM promises the reader absolutely NOTHING (or at least as close to it as its possible to get).
Buy Burning Issue Special Edition £10 (Delivery 1-2 days) Buy Burning Issue Vol 1 Original £20 (Delivery 1-2 days)

Burning Issue is the world's first magazine  EXCLUSIVELY for Money Burners (and other destroyers of currency).

Volume One was launched at the infamous Festival 23 where the second mass public ritualized burn took place a highlight of the Saturday night.Volume One - The Special Edition was launched at the third mass public ritualized burn at The Cockpit in London.  Copies of both magazines are still available, but stocks of the F23 edition are very low.  The magazine includes, in its regular feature Fireside Tales, contributions from money burners across the globe describing their own experiences of the Burn. It also features the money collage artwork of Mark Wagner and CK Wilde as well as three free posters.

Burning Issue Vol 1 SUPER DELUXE Special Edition will be released on October 23rd 2017.

A good place to start reading about money burning is the 23 minute medium.com post that Jon put up on 23rd August 2016. Jon's Blog has been online for about ten years and contains mainly academic style posts on money and money burning.  Jon also recently started a live broadcast series called Money Wisdom and Coffee where in each video he chats about one of the over 500 money quotations taken from his library of money books.  If you've burned please let us know so that we can put an entry in the Record of all UK Burnings. BurnYourMoney.Org recommends John Higgs book KLF: Chaos, magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds.  Please hook-up with Jon on Twitter or Facebook.
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